When I started this blog I had some simple ideas of what I wanted. I wanted to share my photos with friends and family. I wanted separate pages or categories for each thing. The blog on the main page and the gallery of my photos on other pages. I wanted to be able to add photos to my daily challenge. I wanted a scrolling slide show that would be filled with latest posts or photographs. At some point I might even want to sell my photos. I did my research and thought I found what I wanted but when I went to buy it was not offered.  So I spent hours going through their options and picked another that was pretty close. I had them down load the program and when I finally got it, it was nothing like what I thought I wanted. It has been very frustrating and has inhibited my posting. I admit I have been embarrassed to even tell my friends or family what the site is simply because it isn’t what I dreamed it would be.
I have been looking and reading several other photographers blogs and I realize that their blogs are all several years old and that they too went through some of the same frustrations I am going through. I take heart that someday if I work at it mine will be what I want. But what do I want? Where am I going and how do I get myself back on track. Well maybe I need to hire someone to help me get this blog site where I want it. What do I want to do with my photography?  After reading these blogs maybe be I want to try and sell stock. I tried it 25+ years ago when I was using Kodachrome slides. I sold a few back then but things today are different, my camera equipment is different easier to get my photos processed. A little more research on some of these companies and I found that I wasn’t shooting my photos with enough pixels. I had toned things down when I started posting to a magazine share site and well I didn’t really like the photos, so now I have raised the limits. let’s hope I like what I see in the future. The weather here has been exceptionally snowy and while at first it was great, it soon began to take it’s toll. Just trying to get up my driveway was a chore and going anywhere else to take photos was not happening. I know that the weather is changing and spring will be here, I got a pair of new hiking boots and I did test them Thursday. I took some great photos and my days off are coming around the corner again.  I need to lace up my new boots and hit the trail. There is nothing like practice to get my joy back.

4-29-16 McKenzie River trail from McKenzie bridge