Mother nature has been all out of sorts lately. I don’t know if she has an upset tummy or just angry at the human race. But she definitely has thrown everything she can at us. After retrieving the green house cover and putting it back over the frame numerable times in one day because of the winds, I finally gave up last month. I have frost covers, that should protect the sensitive plants and because we usually have our last killing frost the second Saturday night of June , I can pull the green house cover back on the frame when the forecast says Below Freezing. Besides the temps were in the 90’s and the lows were in the 50’s that week. I planted the tomato plants in the boxes thinking they would be fine. What I was not expecting was a storm like no other I have ever seen with green skies and marble size hail.

The wind was intense and the hail was blowing against my new windows and roof. I was sure that my car was going to be damaged. I also knew my plants had no chance. Even if I could have gotten the cover up the wind would have ripped it off. My plants were Pulverized.

Since that day we have had wind. Wind so strong I had a power serge because the lines were whipping around. Winds that were upending everything. Winds that kept blowing my frost covers off the boxes. Winds that dry out everything and you can’t water because the water will blow away from what you are trying to water.

Last Saturday night the forecast was for more cold wind, but that it would not get down to freezing. It did go to freezing, and the wind blew off the protective frost covers. Almost everything is gone or pulverized. But I am Strong. I can replant.
When the pandemic started I had high hopes for a fantastic garden and lots of little seedlings. I knew that we always have the mid June frost and while the forecast is not showing the lows at freezing this coming Saturday, I know it is very likely to happen anyway.
All is not lost the tomatoes are not dead just a bit stunned, they will grow back bushier than before. The lettuce and spinach are still growing, new carrots are coming up and the peas took everything in stride, not bothered by the weather. The strawberries are not sure….

My garden helpers are helping me clean up the mess, though I did have to chase her to retrieve the peat pot.

I ordered new greenhouse plastic to cover the frame next fall. Sue and I are making plans and trying to figure out a way of putting sides and ends on the frame so that the wind is not a factor and the new greenhouse plastic will be covering the frame with support on the side. Allowing us to get a good start again next year with better luck.
There is a positive though, for the first time in 20 years my Yellow Iris bloomed. I didn’t even know I had a yellow one, it has been so long since I planted them.

Of course the wind was blowing making the shot a bit harder.

At least the columbines are happy.
Maybe mother nature will get to feeling better. I know her attitude has made me more resilient and creative with my plantings. Maybe a bit stronger.