I have been reading other photographers blogs and one of the ideas was” What if?” Now I am no stranger to that question I have used it many times. So there may be several of these posts.
On this day the weather was snowy and there were no customers.  I had one of my blue coffee mugs with a snow scene and I said what if I put the cup with coffee in different places in the snow. The first shot was against the brick wall with the snow blown against it. Different.

Then when I got home I grabbed another of the same style cup and tried it in several areas in the yard. This was on one of my lichen covered rocks.
 On a fence post in the back yard.
  In the Radio Flyer Wagon
Out in the front yard with the Blue Sun
And even shared with Hiking bear.
The thing is it is not uncommon for me to have a cup of coffee in these areas. It is uncommon to find them in the snow.
It was a blue and snowy day with a blue snow scene cup and I was feeling a bit blue.