3-17-17 There was no view from Sage Ranch Road Butte the clouds had socked in, and the mountains were in hiding. My hiking partner Sue and I knew that, and our plan was just to get out enjoy, and look down. Or at least my plan was to look down. I had thought we would work our way up to the viewpoint I had found earlier in the month. There was a lot to see that us usually missed when you are looking up at the mountains.
These old roots were twisted and dried up. I thought they looked like critters or aliens

There were may lichen covered rocks and because the weather was cool and had been raining earlier the lichens were all blooming collecting water for a summer of hot and dry.

The Desert Parsley is the first flower that blooms here and I was defiantly glad to see them here as that means spring is not too far away.
The juniper snags and trees became more the focus and this stretch of the butte is filled with some mighty interesting characters
And when I got my new lens I went back to photograph them again.