Have you ever gone by an interesting place but because it was close to home, never stopped?  Cold Springs campground is one of those places for me. It is about 35 minutes away from home and off a highway that is closed much of the year. It is below the snow gate so there really is no excuse. I have noticed a really nice grove of aspen in there and thought wow those would be nice to photograph. It is however a popular campground so in good weather usually filled with people. Since my hiking partner had to be at work at 5 this seemed like a good choice.
I knew there would be snow up there and hoped that it would not be too deep or at least easy to walk on. It wasn’t too bad except we could not drive into the parking area, hiking in was no problem unless we sank up to our knees in the deep soft spots. We spent an enjoyable hour there. At least till the wind came up, the clouds and light snow started, and the falling pine cones became a  problem.
we had our choice of picnic tables some decorated with snow and pine cone fins. Seating was a problem as the snow pretty much covered the benches.

In the trees on a nice sunny day.

The chipmunks and squirrels have been picking any surface to have their lunch of pine cone seeds. I liked the look of the cone fins on the burned out stump

The sun was still shining and I loved the textures of the young aspen in front of the older Ponderosa Pines
Walking around and um pulling my self out of the knee deep snow I tried this version of the same shot.

A mix of the aspen and Ponderosa pine, the area was quite varied

Loved the look of this broken Aspen. I figure when the camp ground opens this will have been removed.

I loved this stump with the collection of rocks and pine cone fins

I wondered who put the collection of rocks there was it a picnicker or a camping family , the camp host or maybe the squirrels.
I can’t wait till the snow melts I am looking forward to wild flowers and green leaves , I plan on going back and seeing if the collection is there, and how long it stays, or if it is added to..