I feel like this river, I am flowing but I don’t know where I am going. There are rocks in my way, however I can flow around them. I just don’t know where I am going to end up. I have mentioned before that selling notecards was something I had wanted to do 20+ years ago and that I had given up that dream along with my photography. Now however I don’t want to give up either. I want to keep going out and taking photos I want to be able to sell my cards and order more. I feel like I am bouncing off the rocks, and while they are holding me back they are not blocking the way.

I am finding it is hard to navigate the online social media instant message life with the old fashioned hand written send it in the mail life. I am trying to tap into a market . I know that there are people out there that still like to receive the handwritten note, and there are people out there who still like to write those notes. I tried using the most famous online market place for handmade items, unfortunately for me I tried at a time when they decided to change direction. Where Do I Go From Here?

I am having a hard time seeing the forest for the trees. I have spent part of the summer going out and taking more photos. Photos that I am really happy with and think are the best I have taken in a long time. I have a new website that will allow me to show off my notecards and photographs in the best possible light. But I have not had any sales, and the lack of sales results in my not being able to order more notecards with the new shots, that in turn results in my not wanting to go out and take more photos. It is a swirly mess in my head. I feel like a discarded leaf with spots.

I know to make the website work I need to be posting a lot. Google likes a lot of postings. I have tried to show my new photos by making 5×7 prints of them and then posting those prints for sale on my website and Pinning them. However while I enjoy making the prints, it is not the real market I want to tap. That market is the notecards. I am listing my notecards on eBay in a friend’s store, and while I am getting a lot of looks, no sales. I realize that the shopping for the holiday’s season is coming up so I am not worried. Hopeful.
The question is Do I order more Notecards, with the new prints and the favorites from my earlier orders? Or Not? The order would be huge, and a one time for the year order. I am so bogged down with this question that I have not even taken the time to put the photos into a notecard file.
I have to believe that what ever I decide everything will come up Roses..

All of the photographs in this blog and several of the photographs in the earlier blogs are in the running for new notecards. I have a lot of good work to choose from. Now to just decide if I can afford the cost of stocking my store with product, and What to stock from my summers work.