This trip is a result of wanting to try a new Snow shoe trail, and wanting to get out and spend time with my niece Sarah. The problem was beyond the initial promotion about that new snowshoes trail, nobody had any information on it. No maps, no nothing. And the Forest service closed down due to the shut down, so if there was any information it was locked behind closed doors. I had come up with 3 alternative hikes we could do. This was one of them. But because I had not done this hike I was not sure how long it would take. we did the third hike instead.
I did want to do this hike though, yesterday was perfect. I had a new pair of boots to try out. The sun was shining , and Sue was feeling good enough to go. We got there just as another hiker started out with his dog, he went the longer trail so we went the shorter. The longer trail makes it about a mile hike but the shorter is only about .04 of a mile. Because of the way the trail was laid out the longer route is a one way trail and the shorter is handicap accessible and walking traffic can go both ways. It was a nice easy hike except that there had been so much foot traffic on the trail that the majority of the trail was icy packed snow. We got to the overlook and the view was fantastic. and you could hear the river below. Though it was in the shadows so a little hard to see when we went. We could see Broken top and the Three Sisters ,Millican Crater (Black crater was behind it) Mt Washington a bit of Black butte and a bit of Jefferson. The area to our north showed the burn scars from both Rooster rock fire and the newer Milli fire two years ago.

I didn’t take a lot of photos but we did get the dogs exposed to quite a few people. I cant wait to try this little trail again maybe take the longer route in, and try the Whychus draw trail down into the canyon.
I am also hoping to be able to find the snow shoe trail off the upper 3 creeks snow park, and hike it later in the spring so that I can feel comfortable hiking it in the winter with snowshoes.